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Amarjyothi Nursing Home has been the choice of generations, patronised by clients for over 4 decades. It is indeed a delightful experience when a client born in Amarjyothi nursing home avails the services of the nursing home, be it for regular health checks or electives. There are many who also wish to give birth to their child at Amarjyothi Nursing Home, as they were born at Amarjyothi nursing home too, a privilege very few can avail!

The medical professionals are so well acquainted with the clients, they practically know everyone by their name and address their concerns with such ease. Personalised compassionate care is the guiding principle of Amarjyothi Nursing Home, which has resulted in a large pool of loyal clients who have immense faith in Amarjyothi Nursing Home.

With the passing of each decade, Amarjyothi Nursing Home has evolved in its outlook, services and ambience to create client delight at every instance. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support and guidance of our esteemed clients and well-wishers, who have continued to patronise Amarjyothi Nursing Home despite the mushrooming of hospitals across the city. This in itself is a testimony to the personalised, compassionate and quality healthcare rendered by a highly professional team of Nurses, Paramedics and Doctors.

in patient care InPatient Care

Amarjyothi Nursing Home was designed and built to render a wide range of inpatient services, including Therapies, Nursing Care, Surgeries and Postoperative Care.

The structure of the hospital was designed to accommodate in-patients across two upper floors with a ramp connecting the mezzanine, First and Second Floor.
A separate entrance for clients on the wheelchair and stretcher has been accommodated in the premises from the Ground Floor.
Different types of accommodation facility are currently offered to clients, viz., Special Deluxe room, Special Room, Semi-Special Room, and General Wards.
The Rooms are completely renovated with contemporary furniture and enriching interiors with a homely atmosphere.
Assisted by a team of nurses and support staff, the inpatient services team render compassionate care, attending to the clients’ needs round-the-clock.

For compassionate quality healthcare in your neighborhood, call 080-25280805

daycare Day Care

Amarjyothi Nursing Home has also considered the need of day care services for simple procedures and accommodated a few rooms to enable clients to quickly complete the medical procedures and get discharged the same day.

The mezzanine floor is equipped with 3 rooms, a minor OT and a waiting area to render timely medical services, be it providing First-aid, nebulisation, sutures for bleeding wounds, injections to contain infections, etc.,

Master Health checks are also conducted at AmarJyothi Nursing Home, which at times might require a client to utilise the day care services.

For timely medical assistance in case of minor accidents or medical emergencies call 080-25280805

out patient care Outpatient Care

Amarjyothi Nursing Home is renowned for its OPD services facilitated by a good number of consultants across multiple specialities.

The OPD services are also complemented with a Minor OT to render simple procedures.

Adequate waiting areas with excellent ventilation and lighting enriches the experiences of the clients in the OPD sections.

General OPD operating 24x7, Specialist OPD operates from 9am to 9pm. Kindly call the nursing home at 080-25280805 or view the website link to know the consulting hours, respectively for each Doctor.

emergency service Emergency Services

Amarjyothi Nursing Home is NOT equipped with a complete Emergency and Casualty Service. Being a nursing home rendering services only for electives, emergency or casualty is not factored in the nursing home.

However, we offer emergency support services to sustain the life and then recommend shifting the patient to the nearest hospital with adequate/appropriate facilities to manage the emergency effectively.

For guidance or assistance during accidents or emergencies call 108.

Surgery Surgeries

Amarjyothi Nursing Home is equipped with a Major OT and a Minor OT (operation theatre) to perform various types of surgeries.
Depending on the complication and need, surgeons and consultants suggest surgeries, which are scheduled and performed at AmarJyothi Nursing Home, including ;

  • General Surgeries
  • ENT surgeries
  • C-Sections
  • Pediatric Surgeries
  • Orthopedic Surgeries

An excellent team of medical professionals and support staff efficiently manage the post-operative care round-the-clock, accelerating the process of recovery.

For affordable quality healthcare service, contact AmarJyothi Nursing Home call 080-25280805

Child counselling Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology involves dealing with people of all ages from a child to an elderly person.

The nature of the issues deal with varies. It could be academic problems, relationship problems, having problems with managing and dealing with physical symptoms which arise due to psychological factors.

Amarjyothi Nursing Home is renowned for rendering excellent counseling services to people ranging from children to senior citizens. Our team of medical professionals including, Psychiatrists, counselors and psychologists, thoroughly study the conditions of clients and their behavior, prior to commencing any form of counseling or therapy.

Counseling services vary from person to person and require a high degree of attention and privacy. Each person has to be dealt with utmost care and caution, taking into consideration the temperament, other health risks and social conditions.

The management of these problems involves assessment using various psychological tests ( e.g intelligence tests, personality tests)and appropriate psychological therapies.

Dr Mary George Ihoop is the clinical psychologist leading the department very successfully for more than 5years at Amarjyothi nursing home.

For counseling sessions or to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist call 080-25280805

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