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Mrs. Vasanthi Sundaran


Mrs. Vasanthi Sundaran was a pillar of strength for Dr. P.P Sundaran in the creation of Amar Jyothi Nursing Home. Since inception in 1974, Mr. Vasanthi has been assisting Dr. P.P Sundaran in managing the administration of the nursing home with a special interest in ensuring the well-being of the medical staff.

Mrs. Vasanthi’s compassion and positive attitude created a warm atmosphere for the team at Amar Jyothi Nursing Home fostering long-lasting relationships with medical professionals and staff. Mrs. Vasanthi continues to serve Amar Jyothi Nursing Home, guiding the younger team with the same zeal.


Mr. P.S Sundeep


Amarjyothi Nursing Home is currently being managed by Sundeep P.S, a second generation entrepreneur who took over the reigns of the hospital from his father Dr. P.P Sundaran. Sundeep has been groomed and trained by Dr. P. P Sundaran to manage the administration of the nursing home, with clear insights into the day-to-day operations, and PR.

Over the years, Amar Jyothi Nursing Home has adapted to the advancing trends in the healthcare industry under the leadership and guidance of P.S Sundeep. Sundeep’s mission is to enrich the experience of clients by creating a contemporary infrastructure complemented with a compassionate team of medical professionals.

P.S Sundeep currently serves as the Director and Administrator of Amar Jyothi Nursing Home.


Dr. Raakhee Padival

Medical Director

Dr. Raakhee Padival is an ENT specialist with vast experience in managing the overall operations of the hospital as a Medical Director. Dr. Raakhee Padival in addition to consulting clients for ENT related services and for General Medicine as a General Physician also dons multiple hats to manage human resources, accounting and finance, with a hands-on approach.

Dr. Raakhee Padival is very meticulous in the documentation and processes to ensure the services are always impeccable. With a sharp acumen for accounting, Dr. Raakhee has completely enhanced the accounting practices leading to ease of management, be it for clients, vendors or employees.

Dr. Raakhee currently serves as the Director and Medical Director of Amarjyothi Nursing Home.

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